can i buy Pregabalin online PROBLEM Velasco Ibarra CAUSE CORRECTION
1  Softener Fails to Regenerate A. Electrical Service to Unit has been Interrupted. A. Assure Permanent Electrical Service (Check Fuse, Plug, Pull Chain or Switch).
  B. Timer is Defective. B. Replace Timer.
2 Hard Water. A. By-Pass Valve is Open. A. Close By-Pass Valve.
  B. No Salt in Brine Tank. B. Add Salt to Brine Tank and Maintain Salt Level Above Water Level.
  C. Injector Screen Plugged. C. Clean Injector Screen.
  D. Insufficient Water Flowing Into Brine Tank. D. Check Brine Tank Fill Time and Clean Brine Line Flow Control if Plugged.
  E. Hot Water Tank Hardness. E. Repeated Flushing of the Hot Water Tank is Required.
  F. Leak at Distributor Tube. F. Make Sure  Distributor Tube is not Cracked. Check “O” Ring and Tube Pilot.
  G. Internal Valve Leak. G. Replace Seals and Spacers and/or Piston.
3 Unit Used Too Much Salt. A. Improper Salt Setting. A. Check Salt Usage and Salt Setting.
  B. Excessive Water in Brine Tank. B. See Problem No. 7.
4 Loss of Water Pressure. A. Iron Buildup in Line to Water Conditioner. A. Clean Line to Water Conditioner.
  B. Iron Buildup in Water Conditioner. B. Clean Control and Add Mineral Cleaner to Mineral Bed.  Increase Frequency of Regeneration and/or Backwash Time.
  C. Inlet of Control Plugged Due to Foreign Material Broken Loose from Pipe by Recent Work Done on Plumbing System. C. Remove Pistons and Clean Control.
5 Loss of Mineral Through Drain Line. A. Air in Water System. A. Assure That Well System has Proper Air Eliminator Control. Check for Well Condition.
  B. Drain Line Flow Control Too Large. B. Check To Ensure Drain Line Flow Control is Sized Properly for Your Mineral Tank.
6 Iron in Conditioned Water. A. Fouled Mineral Bed. A. Check Backwash, Brine Draw and Brine Tank Fill. Increase Frequency of Regeneration.
7 Excessive Water in Brine Tank. A. Plugged Drain Line Flow Control. A. Check Flow Control.
  B. Plugged Injector System. B. Clean Injector and Screen.
  C. Timer Not Cycling. C. Replace Timer.
  D. Foreign Material in Brine Valve. D. Replace Brine Valve Seat and Clean Valve.
  E. Foreign Material in Brine Line Flow Control. E. Clean Brine Line Flow Control.
  F. Power Loss During Brine Fill. F. Check Power Source.
8 Softener Fails To Draw Brine. A. Drain Line Flow Control is Plugged. A. Clean Drain Line Flow Control.
  B. Injector is Plugged. B. Clean Injector.
  C. Injector Screen Plugged. C. Clean Screen.
  D. Line Pressure is Too Low. D. Increase Line Pressure to 25 PSI Minimum.
  E. Internal Control Leak. E. Change Seals, Spacers and Piston Assembly.
9 Control Cycles Continuously. A. Broken or Shorted Switch. A. Determine if Switch or Timer is Faulty and Replace it, or Replace Complet Power Head.
10 Drain Flows Continuously. A. Valve is Not Programming Correctly. A. Check Timer Program and Positioning of Control. Replace Power Head Assembly if not Positioning Properly.
  B. Foreign Material In Control. B. Remove Power Head Assembly And Inspect Bore, Remove Foreign Material and Check Control in Various Regeneration Positions.
  C. Internal Control Leak. C. Replace Seals and Piston Assembly.