Şāmitah 1. Wear all appropriate PPE including facemask, goggles, respirator, knee pads, hardhats, etc..

inerrably 2. Turn off and lock-out cooling tower fan and recirc pump.

3. Close makeup line.

4. Open bypass drain and completely drain system from lowest point. Any problematic areas or low points that build up dirt, sludge or debris should be opened and cleaned.

5. With high powered pressure washer, clean distribution deck including any drift eliminators, fill or cap assemblies.

6. From the top of the tower to the bottom, clean the outside and inside of the tower fill, louvers, and towers walls. For specific instructions, please consult the owners manual for your specific tower.

7. Remove all debris from bottom of tower sump.

8. Close the bypass drain and refill system.

9. Turn on recirculation pump.

10. Add biocides and repassivating agents to the system at a dosage directed by your SKASOL consultant.

11. If foaming occurs, add antifoam as needed.

12. Test bacteria levels and add microbiocide as directed by your SKASOL consultant.